Evolution is the change to better oneself over time. Evolution started as an idea and has grown to be the core of our business. The Evolution design, a triangle, represents the three core elements of the brand: past, present, and future. At Evolution, we bring these elements to life by accepting our past, living in the present, and preparing for the future. To support a brighter future for our community, we will donate 5% of all proceeds to local charities. 


Antonio is a young entrepreneur with a big dream. He wants to follow his family's footsteps of owning a business and hopes to spread joy through fashion. Outside of his passion for fashion, Antonio enjoys playing basketball, baseball and hanging with friends.



Randy, the logo developer, has been drawn to design and technology since a young age. He has a colorful imagination and loves to create designs with powerful meaning. Randy is on the team that created the graphics for the world famous game, Call of Duty WWII.