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Men's oversized shirts - Yay or nay?

From time immemorial, oversized shirts and hoodies have been associated as a ‘thing of fashion’ for women fashionistas. Even today, wearing a loose oversized boyfriend t-shirt or men’s hoodie with a high-rise jeans or skirt is considered uber-chic, cute and stylish. But, but, but, you’d think that this day would never actually come, and against all odds, it is here. Oversized shirts and hoodies – men are seen wearing both and totally nailing it as well! However, this is a fashion not for everyone. It would take just a tiny styling misjudgment on your part to look like a Michelin Man rather than being a stud! The Evolution brand has some amazing t-shirts and hoodies for men; you can go a size up than what fits you regularly if you want to jump on the bandwagon of men’s oversized shirts fashion trend.

How to wear an oversized shirt and not look like a woman is the most important question to address first. It is understandable that loose, baggy and chunky men shirts and hoodies are considered a lounging-appropriate fashion piece for the ladies. It also defies almost all culturally and traditionally set fashion rules for men clothing. You have to understand that wearing a loose t-shirt is not something you can do just with a snap of finger. You need to come up with proper clothing accompanists with it to go. Of course you cannot pull off an oversized shirt with a structured jacket or blazer – so wearing it to work is a serious no-no!

The perfect way to style an oversized men’s shirt is to compliment it with a pair of well-fitted structured jeans for a very casual yet fashion forward appearance. Just because you are dressed in a t-shirt that is loose, does not mean you need to go a size up in your bottoms too. It is the mix and match styling philosophy that creates the balance in this type of fashion statement. At the Evolution brand store you will be able to find various long sleeve t-shirts in different colors that can be used for this purpose.

The evolution fashion t-shirts are perfect for the loose oversized shirt trends for winters since the fabric is ideal for the ongoing season. Also, the colors are pretty basic like white, black and navy blue hence you would find them easier to pair with any chinos, denim or trousers you already have in your wardrobe.

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